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I am a pacifist if truth be told

And as such find war hard to bear

But yearning for peace and being

Against war does not mean I do not

Support those who fight for me

Who go to war and fight to keep

The country I live in free and my

Way of living a just, democratic way


While I will fight to keep the peace

And keep those I love from having

To take up arms to defend me

And my way of life, or this country

Again, it does not mean I cannot

Appreciate the many deaths that have

Occurred in the cause of freedom

Nor honour those who’ve fallen


This day is not the day my country

Sets aside to memorialize our war dead

But living as we do, so close to you—

Your larger-than-life country, mourning

Your war heroes in all their resplendent,

Glory, it is hard not to become affected

By your enthusiastic patriotism, your zeal

And grieve your losses with you genuinely

And even this dove can do just that …






  1. This is embarrassing and somewhat upsetting – I hate that I haven’t gotten back to some of these and thanked so many of you for visiting my blogs and commenting – it’s not that I don’t appreciate it – I most certainly do! It’s that I’m very forgetful at times and somewhat absent-minded, neither of which lame excuse is a very good one. I apologize and will try harder to make more of an effort. As for this Memorial Day poem, I wrote it from the heart and am so pleased it was received in kind … a belated thanks to all that came and gave me their wonderful insights about the poem.

  2. i echoe your sentiments through the first two stanzas…i would rather we not have war or need of soldiers but will def support those that are willing…and to me it is not necessarily patriotism..i know it is made out to be…but my prayers to so all soldiers…and hope that one day peace brings them all home…

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