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A Current Spare

String heart beats enough
Across the crack splitting
The chest; maybe temper
The racket thrumming there
Latch it closed against the draft—
It threatens to widen the chasm

Fingers numb-blue with trying
To hold sides together
Trace ragged edges sharp
Enough to draw blood’s refrain
“Give it up, give it up”
Blend ignobly against a current
As spare as winter in Chernobyl

Sunday Whirl 61


13 thoughts on “A Current Spare

  1. Been away for quiet sometime. And now it seems you are away… The world spins on. Your piece fills me with cold blue light- surreal and a bit spooky.

  2. Already overseas and see I didn’t get back here to reply to these comments – I hate that! Thanks to all of you for coming, reading and commenting … I really like the variety of input about this odd little poem – it took even me by surprise that it ended up in Chernobyl but it did seem fitting so I left it there. Thanks again.

  3. Took me to open heart surgery, or maybe a gunshot wound to the chest. Your last line is brilliant: “As spare as winter in Chernobyl.”

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