Book Review


As with all of her novels, Picoult manages in “Handle with Care” to present the reader with a moral dilemma so authentic and poignant that one is left wondering just what they would do if they were to find themselves in a similar situation.

Charlotte and Sean O’Keefe are the parents of Willow, a child who is bright, funny and – it turns out, chronically ill with “brittle bone” disease, a disorder that shows up in utero if the obstetrician knows enough to look for it. And therein lies the crux of the matter; Charlotte’s obstetrician is also her best friend, Piper.

By the time Willow is old enough to know what is happening, and the bills are becoming insurmountable, the O’Keefe’s are given some untenable choices. If they want to bring Willow up with the kinds of medical equipment that will make her life bearable, where will they get…

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