Book Review


Not wanting to be swayed by all the ballyhoo surrounding this book, I put off reading it until it was finally released in paperback, then finally broke down and bought it.

After starting to read, much to my surprise, I read it right through. A book basically about economics, no matter what anyone else has said, was grippingly interesting enough, to read cover to cover, in one sitting.

To those who have griped about the lack of theme or focus in this book, I say, shake your head, put aside your preconceptions and read it again. Leavitt is not your typical economist and that’s what makes this book so accessible and brilliant, not to mention eminently readable.

He has quantified data previously thought unquantifiable and measured effects that other economists have declared immeasurable. A rogue economist, Levitt admits to being outside the norm especially when it comes to economy and…

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