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“Sometimes late at night I lie awake and watch him sleeping…and the thought crosses my mind if I never wake up in the morning, would he ever doubt the way I feel about him in my heart…”
Garth Brooks

Remember how cold it was in that cabin where we first cemented
Our marriage – no running water – and the lake frozen to the bottom
But inside, we were as warm as any tropical island, melting snow
On the pot-bellied stove and burning firewood like there was no end
To it, or to us – how many well-meaning friends and family said,
“It’ll never last – you’re too different – you fight too much – he’s too
moody – you’re too sensitive –” and on and on, seeming to miss
The part where we went out for five years before we finally wed.

Here we are, four decades later, and still, my heart skips when you
Enter a room, our eyes meet; you hold my hand when we walk and
You automatically walk on the outside, nearest the cars; still, you rise
If I leave a dinner table and return; your impeccable manners have always
Made me feel so cherished, special, well-loved – and made you a hard
Act to follow, for our daughters, when they were selecting life-mates
And that’s not a bad thing – as we well know – they chose admirably

Some might think, after all this time, our love would be a given
A mostly silent thing – and I guess it could be – and that would be fine
But you, not usually given to demonstrative shows of affection
Ask me every day if I know you love me… You bring me flowers,
Spring blossoms that fill the house with colour, and the scent of April
And May – you bring them during the sub-zero weeks of February
Or when January winds blow snow drifts thickly – you bring them then

More and more as we get older, I can’t help wondering if you know
How much I love you too – it’s harder for me, the so-called sensitive
One to let you know just how treasured you are, and sometimes I find
Myself almost at a complete loss to express just what it is between us
I am amazed to reach for the poetic side of me and find instead this
Awkward, bumbling soul who feels inadequate to the task of saying
The simplest sentiment of all – I love you – I have always loved you
I will always love you as long as I draw breath, even if you stop breathing.
There – it’s not poetry but it is truth – it will have to do.


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