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Like the juice of a blood orange

The sun drips off the horizon

Streaking the sky between striations

Of blue, it is melting into sunset


Twilight swishes herself onstage

as soon as it seems decent to put

in an appearance – with her layers

of indigo, mauve and intimations

of lavender, lilac and royal


She hates to seem overly eager

But considering how brief her

stint is – once she’s on, she wants

every ounce of time due her,

it’s true


Before evening arrives,

towing all those bloody but

magnificent constellations

Spread like Swarovski crystals

on actual velvet – not velveteen –

Interspersed with glowing planets

– aligned and not – but impressive



And God forbid

It should be one of Luna’s showy

nights … well, twilight, dusk – call

her whatever romantic name you will

It doesn’t matter how wonderful

her palette may be, it will

never be quite memorable enough.






10 thoughts on “TWILIGHT’S LAMENT

  1. Twilight, a gap of calmness before leading to a rest for the night. It creates a feeling of fulfillment to anticipate a fine day on the morrow. Nicely Sharon!


  2. At least the twilight of your writing is fixed in the firmament of a page and won’t be eclipsed by night! Cos once you’re on, you’re ON! good work.

  3. Sharon, this poem has beautiful legs, and a huge heart; I adored it, from the Cormac M. blood orange to the sky choked with stars. I read it twice, and it just get richer with each read; thanks.

  4. What beautiful metaphoric writing this is, Sharon. Add me to the people who enjoyed the imagery of ‘blood oranges.’

  5. This works for me as a new insight into twilight. Whilst twilight time does not have the import in our minds as certain other times – it still has a special place and evokes certain feelings – but by its nature and appearance it would be self deprecating, I imagine. So this works well.

  6. there’s nothing that can compete with the colors of an evening sky… beautiful images…the crystals, blood orange…i like the all or nothing a lot…the throwing herself on stage knowing she has no time to lose… and she will be painted millions of times but then be gone…again…

  7. blood oranges…i could go for one of them about now…
    makes for a beautiful color though…love the svwarski crystals too
    as the stars…yes, i butchered that spelling…smiles…
    and interesting close…i wonder what in comparison to
    i think the night sky beautiful

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