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A New Year and Time to Update the 411 – 2013

Well, let’s hope I’m finally ready to use this blog – I’ve put off using any of my Word Press sites due to a formatting glitch (my problem entirely, I suspect – a computer techie, or savvy of the tech variety, I’m afraid I’m not…).

In any event, it’s important to me that at least one of my blogs is immediately identifiable as mine, ie. has my actual name on it, so I can send traffic this way should I need to. At least, this is the message that gets drummed into my head over and over. Writers need to have a credible “platform” and “SEO” – at least one place that’s not “cutesy” or “play on words” – which of course, most of my many blogs are …

And, since I am starting to get the odd publication now, and hoping to capitalize on that success with more publications and hopefully at least one chapbook this year – maybe more – this may well be the place I send prospective readers to see what I’m doing.

So – my interviews are still up at Poetic Bloomings and Poets United – always a nice thing, and I have work up at Red Fez,and Pyrokinection (with more to go live at the latter any day now) plus one of my poems was selected to appear in “Storm Cycle” – Best of 2012 anthology – kindofahurricanepress a feat of which I’m particularly proud.

Other poems have appeared in three anthologies over the last year, all of them available on Amazon – Prompted:An International Collection of Poems; Beyond the Dark Room, and Poetic Bloomings – the First Year and I continue to write small stones with Fiona Robin and Kaspalita Thompson whenever the opportunity arises plus am published regularly in Handful of Stonesone of Fiona’s ongoing offshoots from the small stones projects. I have several small stones and quotes published in her anthologies as well.

So,as I say, success is coming – slowly but surely. I have become somewhat reticent about appearing in public the last couple of years – a surprise, to be sure, since I was somewhat addicted to open mic reading. I am hoping I get over whatever this is that has stolen my confidence soon. I did do a scheduled reading at the Stroll of Poets this January (I so wanted to be in their anthology and you can’t be unless you do a scheduled read) and went fine but other than one other time, that’s the only time I’ve been there. Like I say, it’s surprising …

But, no matter – I am writing and submitting and entering contests – at least that’s something.


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