SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES…wait a minute, didn’t someone rather famous say this?


Yeah, now that’s what I’m talking about … the words above, I believe, are the Bard’s, and already used for a book or short-story by another master, Ray Bradbury. Still – so perfectly descriptive for the feeling I get anticipating October and THE POEMING.  

Thanks to the collective innovative brains of E.Kristin Anderson, Sarah Nichols, and Sara Adams – fifty-five of us will be penning a found poem-a-day, every day for the month of October, each based on a different work by the prolific Stephen King. That is to say, we’ve each chosen, or been assigned, a different book, novella, or short-story – some of us were too late to get our “favourites” and some of us waffled a bunch (I can see this as I was a primo waffler) so ended up getting an “orphan” story. I’ll be doing my poems using “The Colorado Kid” – a story with which I was unfamiliar before this project.

We’ve all opened Tumblr pages specifically for this project and will be posting links to our poems daily on a FaceBook page created for it also, as well as lots of other places.

This is probably my fourth or fifth official found poetry project and I’m really excited to be taking part. Many of us in The Poeming met taking part in Found Poetry Review projects and have kept in touch since the Pulitzer Remix project three or four years ago. Kudos to Jenni Baker for spear-heading those complicated endeavours and engendering a love of the form in so many of us.

I hope if you’re reading this, you’ll check out The Poeming, come October 1st. My own poems should be up at Say

Oh, and before I forget to mention – this magnificent banner’s artwork was done by Jay Knioum – many thanks for both the artistry and the use, Jay.



Like the juice of a blood orange

The sun drips off the horizon

Streaking the sky between striations

Of blue, it is melting into sunset


Twilight swishes herself onstage

as soon as it seems decent to put

in an appearance – with her layers

of indigo, mauve and intimations

of lavender, lilac and royal


She hates to seem overly eager

But considering how brief her

stint is – once she’s on, she wants

every ounce of time due her,

it’s true


Before evening arrives,

towing all those bloody but

magnificent constellations

Spread like Swarovski crystals

on actual velvet – not velveteen –

Interspersed with glowing planets

– aligned and not – but impressive



And God forbid

It should be one of Luna’s showy

nights … well, twilight, dusk – call

her whatever romantic name you will

It doesn’t matter how wonderful

her palette may be, it will

never be quite memorable enough.






BEYOND THE DARK ROOM – An Anthology of Poems for Everyone


Am adding my kudos to the other reviewers for this unique anthology of poems dealing with some of the more difficult experiences many, if not most of us, encounter at some point during our lives, and the variety of ways we’ve found to deal or are still dealing with same. With topics as diverse as depression,  anger, abuses of all kinds, unimaginable tragedy, bullying – to name a few – the twenty-one poets from points around the planet – talk candidly and poetically about this kind of pain. As it would be if one emerged “Beyond the Dark Room” work is also included about what it is like to come out the other side— to endure— when one might feel: calm, empowered, confidence, trust. As one of the poets included in this compilation, I cannot help but be impressed by the courage my fellow poets have demonstrated; it is matched only by the quality of their work, and I am humbled to be in their company. Special thanks to editor Dr. Pearl Ketover Prilik, our guiding light and a personal inspiration.

Let’s Take a Breath

Just for today I thought

Let’s pretend we’re sane

Take a breath and hold it

While the stars dance

With that craziness that happens

When we forget to breathe

With regularity but that’s

within the bounds of acceptability

Let’s do that today

Let’s pretend with everything

In us that nothing matters

But right here and now

And what’s happening

Right in front of our eyes

In the present – the lovely

Unveiled, unmasked present

Let’s do that, okay;

What do you say … are you up for that …


May 28, 2012