SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES…wait a minute, didn’t someone rather famous say this?


Yeah, now that’s what I’m talking about … the words above, I believe, are the Bard’s, and already used for a book or short-story by another master, Ray Bradbury. Still – so perfectly descriptive for the feeling I get anticipating October and THE POEMING.  

Thanks to the collective innovative brains of E.Kristin Anderson, Sarah Nichols, and Sara Adams – fifty-five of us will be penning a found poem-a-day, every day for the month of October, each based on a different work by the prolific Stephen King. That is to say, we’ve each chosen, or been assigned, a different book, novella, or short-story – some of us were too late to get our “favourites” and some of us waffled a bunch (I can see this as I was a primo waffler) so ended up getting an “orphan” story. I’ll be doing my poems using “The Colorado Kid” – a story with which I was unfamiliar before this project.

We’ve all opened Tumblr pages specifically for this project and will be posting links to our poems daily on a FaceBook page created for it also, as well as lots of other places.

This is probably my fourth or fifth official found poetry project and I’m really excited to be taking part. Many of us in The Poeming met taking part in Found Poetry Review projects and have kept in touch since the Pulitzer Remix project three or four years ago. Kudos to Jenni Baker for spear-heading those complicated endeavours and engendering a love of the form in so many of us.

I hope if you’re reading this, you’ll check out The Poeming, come October 1st. My own poems should be up at Say

Oh, and before I forget to mention – this magnificent banner’s artwork was done by Jay Knioum – many thanks for both the artistry and the use, Jay.